Current Board Overview

2020-2021 Members of the Nebraska Board of Public Accountancy Term


Tom Purcell, CPA, Board Chair

Creighton University, Omaha NE
Term: 09/2017 to 09/2021

Marcy Luth, CPA, Board Vice Chair

AMGL, P.C., Grand Island, NE
Term: 09/2018 to 09/2022

Melissa Ruff, CPA, Board Secretary

Deloitte & Touche LLP, Omaha, NE
Term: 12/2019 to 09/2023

Glen Waltemath, CPA

McChesney Martin Sagehorn, P.C., North Platte, NE
Term: 09/2017 to 09/2021

Kenneth Brauer, Public Member

Kenneth E. Brauer & Associates, Inc., Lincoln NE
Term: 09/2019 to 09/2023

Jeff Kanger, Public Member

First State Bank Nebraska., Lincoln NE
Term: 03/2019 to 09/2022

Christi Olsen, CPA

Circle CPA LLC, Omaha, Nebraska
Term: 11/2020 to 09/2024

Mark Manning, CPA

Manning & Associates, P.C, Crete, Nebraska
Term: 11/2020 to 09/2024


2020 - 2021 Committees of the Board


Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

Chair Tom Purcell, Melissa Ruff, Mark Manning, Christi Olsen and Staff Liaisons Heather Myers and Dan Sweetwood

Education and Examination

Chair Marcy Luth, Tom Purcell, Ken Brauer, Christi Olsen and Staff Liaisons Kristen VanWinkle and Dan Sweetwood

Educational Advisory Committee (EAC)

Chair Marcy Luth

Appointed Members:  Jack Armitage, Aaron Crabtree, Michelle Thornburg, Cynthia Nye, Courtney Baillie, James Koehn,  Nina Kavich, Kate King Wu, Cassandra Weitzenkamp, Kristine Hull, Sharon Garvin, Sarah Borchers, Meg Harris, Shelly Stromp  Education and Examination Committee Members, Staff Liaisons Kristen VanWinkle and Dan Sweetwood

Enforcement of Professional Conduct

Chair Melissa Ruff, Staff Liaisons Kristen VanWinkle and Dan Sweetwood


Chair Tom Purcell, Marcy Luth, and Staff Liaisons Kristen VanWinkle and Dan Sweetwood

Licensing Committee

Chair Ken Brauer, Marcy Luth, Glen Waltemath, Jeff Kange and Staff Liaisons Kristen VanWinkle and Dan Sweetwood

Peer Review Committee

Chair Glen Waltemath, Jeff Kanger and Mark Manning

Appointed Members: Anne Fuhrman, Michelle Thornburg, Mark Manning, Patrick Lavelle, Mike McClure and Staff Liaisons Dan Sweetwood and Heather Myers