Use of CPA Title

Important Licensing Information

  1. The Nebraska Public Accountancy Act states that all CPA certificate holders who are actively engaged in the practice of public accountancy in this State shall apply to the Board for a permit to practice. If you will be holding yourself out to the public as a CPA and will be practicing public accountancy in this State, you must have a permit to practice. Permits are issued and renewed on a biennial basis, with an expiration date of June 30. Fees are non-refundable, but can be pro-rated if issued for less than one year.
  2. An initial active permit to practice does not require proof of attendance at Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses. However, in order to renew the active permit for the following licensing period, you will be required to show that you have taken a minimum of 80 CPE hours including a 4 hour Ethics requirement in the two preceding calendar years. CPE hours must be reported by January 31 of each year. There are also some restrictions of what qualifies and in what subject area courses may be taken. Please consult the "CPE Guidelines" for further information.
  3. If you will NOT be practicing public accountancy in this State and you have completed the appropriate experience, you should apply for inactive registration status and pay the biennial inactive fee. The inactive registration status does NOT permit you to practice public accountancy and does NOT permit you to hold yourself out to the public as a CPA in this State. However, it does keep your certificate in good standing. If you have not completed the required experience, you should register your certificate with the Board on the form "Registration of Nebraska CPA Certificate." There are no fees required as long as the certificate holder remains in this status.
  4. Failure to be properly licensed and abide by the Public Accountancy Act and Board rules could result in disciplinary action by the Board, including revocation of your CPA certificate.
  5. You are required to advise the Board, in writing, within thirty days of any change in address or employment.

Status of a Certificate Holder

The Nebraska Public Accountancy Act, Section 1-117, states:

"A person who has successfully passed the examination SHALL HAVE NO STATUS AS A CPA unless and until he or she has the requisite experience and has also received a CPA certificate."

Thus, fulfillment of the mandatory public accounting experience requirement contained in Nebraska law is a condition which must be met prior to application for an active permit to practice as a CPA.